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Hello everyone, (or some of you).  Have you taken the plunge to a more controllable way of using an Aga ? You will no doubt be using an ElectricKit system.

I have owned an Aga since the mid 1970’s. My first Aga was sprayed a ghastly brown.  It was solid fuel.  If the wind was blowing in the wrong direction, cooking was an adventure – would we ever get to eat?

Oh, the failings and disasters.  Somehow throughout the years, the Aga was a necessary requisite for both hearth and home and strangely, for my mental health.  Chugging away, it was a symbol of a journey and a destination.

Now to present day – we have just moved and this time we imagine our new home to be our final move.  Miserable from exhaustion, and surrounded by boxes, I am cooking with a single plate induction hob.

Sound the trumpets!  Move on two weeks.  At last, I greet the arrival of my renovated two oven French Grey Aga.  With arms open wide, my nightmare is over!

French grey ElectricKit Aga conversion

Even better, this beautiful machine was converted by Westbrook Cookers to run on the wonder that is ElectricKit. https://westbrookcookers.com/electric-conversions/

Over the years, the guess work has gone out of most of my cooking.  I refer occasionally to the Aga Queen of them all, the lovely Mary Berry.  I read her cookbooks for a bit of common sense when ‘the magic and flow’ has disappeared.  For the princely sum of £20 – £25, you are privy to words of wisdom, wonderful recipe research, delicious and sensible dishes to suit all tastes.  Mary Berry’s Cook Now, Eat Later is well worth the ownership Try E bay for a selection of Mary Berry cookbooks second hand – you will not regret it!

Mary Berry Cook now, Eat Later


My Next Blog will be some Useful tips on how to use your 13amp ElectricKit Aga

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