Here are the top reasons to convert your Aga range cooker now:

No Servicing Costs + Running Costs Slashed + Fastest Heat Up Times + No Flue or Chimney Required!

Ambient Heat on Tap + No Fossil Fuels + No Carbon Monoxide or gas smells

Conversions can be carried out in situ or we can remove, store, convert and re-install to suit the client



*depending on location


About The E-Control System

With decades of expertise in the heat storage range cooker industry we have been carefully listening to our loyal customers who wanted a reliable yet more up-to-date control system. An Aga range cooker fitted with the eControl System solves all of the issues experienced with traditional models. Superior cooking performance, independent control of cooking areas, super fast heat up times, optional ambient heat on demand, significantly reduced running costs and the ability to grill on demand are only some of the benefits. Our patent pending control systems tick all of the boxes!

The localized elements allow the ovens and hobs to recharge significantly faster than traditional models meaning that ovens will not suffer in temperature as a result of hobs being in use and vice-versa. This is achieved by having all areas controlled independently by their own heating element cassettes and thermostats.

Perhaps the most important part of the eControl System is the unique tri-element system where high and low level hidden elements heat the ovens indirectly from all angles. This ensures a balanced cooking experience and allows the user to grill on demand.

The appliance can be left on full to provide full ambient heat or significantly more efficiently by using the ECO mode or turning on at will.

E-Control X Series System – More Features & Benefits:

Automated Timer Options – The eControl System can be optionally complimented with a wi-fi timer allowing you to seamlessly integrate your cooker into your smart home

Time to Grill! – As standard all eControl Cookers benefit from a hidden high mounted heating element that can be used to perform fantastic AGA range cooker grilling

Ergonomic e-Control Panel – The ergonomic glass control panel with two dials, embodies the simplistic functionality expected with a classic range cooker.

Triple Element Oven System – eControl Cookers use a high and low mounted element system that provides radiant heat from all sides of the cast iron ovens ensuring a balanced cooking experience.

Larger Cooking Hobs – Full size fine machined 350mm steel hobs, give significant more cooking space than the smaller 290mm hobs found on traditional models.

Baking or Slow Cooking – Our ingenious system allows you to switch between slow cooking and baking oven temperatures, in the same oven on all models.

Eco Mode – The eControl System offers a unique ECO mode which allows you to drop the overall temperature of the hobs and ovens separately allowing you to take the green choice and further save on running costs when not required. It also enables you to get to cooking temperature faster than from stone cold.

The Green Option – Central to the design of the eControl System has been to revolutionize the environmental impact made by the range cooker.

No Servicing Costs – Wave goodbye to tedious maintenance and servicing schedules with the eControl System.

Running Costs Slashed – The eControl System is a fraction of the cost to run vs traditional models. Our unique system prevents heat loss through smart design.

Pre Heat Function – Use position 2 of the oven dial as a preheat function. This mode employs additional elements to get the cooker up to temperature before thermostatically turning itself off when optimal temperature is achieved.

Fastest Heat Up Times – Unparalleled heat up times with hobs up to temperature in as little as 8 minutes and oven temperatures achieved in as little as 25 minutes.

No Flue or Chimney Required! – The eControl Cooker creates no products of combustion, fumes or harmful gases so no requirement for a chimney or flue.

Ambient Heat on Tap! – In the colder months the eControl Cooker can be set to provide ambient background heat, fulfilling it’s role as the heart of the home. In the warmer months you have the option to reduce temperatures to give off less heat but still have it up to cooking temperature when required.

Aerospace Grade Insulation – Our A++ grade insulation materials, focus the heat on the areas that are supposed to be hot. Traditional models have heat escaping from every angle resulting in oven temperatures struggling and running costs rocketing. E-Control, literally has it under control.

Flexible Assembly Options – All of our eControl Cookers can be assembled at your property or have the have the option to have full workshop pre-assembly with our one-piece delivery assembly kit.

Extended Warranty Scheme – Opt for an extended 5 year labour warranty scheme to compliment your standard 5 year parts warranty scheme.

UK CONFORMITY ASSESSED (UKCA) – The eControl System has been independently tested and approved as UK Conformity Assessed. (UKCA formerly known as CE mark)

Room Venting

Our eControl cookers are normally sold as room-venting so they can be located anywhere in the kitchen, as long as the floor can support it. Advantages to this also include warm air entering the room and it’ll be impossible to leave dishes in the oven for days without noticing! An extractor hood is now recommended above the cooker.

External Vent

We also offer the eControl as externally vented if the cooker is located on an external wall. The Aga Range Cooker is vented using a single 28mm copper pipe, with a T-piece connected on the outside. For more complex installs, a fan can be supplied at additional cost.

(either new with us OR conversion of your own existing Aga)

Consumption Data – Series X

The eControl Series system gives predefined set temperatures in all areas of the cooker, intuitive and consistent with the traditional AGA range cooker concept but with all of the added controllability to zone control the ovens and hobs independently. Our bespoke selector switches allow the user to rotate only two control knobs to achieve their preferred combination of desired settings.

The unrivalled heat up times allow the user to manually switch on and off from cold, automate with a wi-fi or digital timer, ‘tick-over’ in ECO mode or run the appliance at full providing full ambient heat into the room. There are no concessions to be made in the switch from a traditional model.

The eControl tri-element oven system provides for the ultimate balanced radiant cooking experience with the ability to grill on demand. The full size machined steel hobs which work entirely independent to the ovens meaning they will not suffer in temperature as a result of what’s going on elsewhere on the cooker.


Ovens timed for use once daily inc pre.heat & cooking: Estimated total consumption 2.41 kWh p/d

Ovens timed for use twice a day inc pre heat & cooking:Estimated total consumption 4.21 kWh p/d

Both hobs on eco mode temperature at the same time – estimated consumption: 0.40 kWh


At gull temperature turned on as required – estimated consumption 0.39 kWh

Eco mode temperature (5 mins pre heat to full temp) – estimated consumption: 0.48 kWh


Baking and passive warming temperatures – 0.22 kWh

Roasting and passive simmering temperature – 0.27 kWh

Roasting and regulated simmering temperature – 0.34 kWh

Roasting and baking temperatures – 0.43 kWh


Baking and passive warming temperatures – 0.22 kWh

Roasting and passive simmering temperature – 0.27 kWh

Roasting and regulated simmering temperature – 0.34 kWh

Roasting and baking temperatures – 0.43 kWh

Hot cupboard simmering and warming temperatures 0.26 kWh


Additional “Instaheat” hob option is £400 including vat and fitting 

Additional “Pizza Plate” £350 including vat and fitting

Tri-element Oven System

The top oven high mounted heating cassette serves the roasting oven roof and preheat of the right-hand hob.

A smaller heating cassette between the top and bottom oven provides gentle heat to the top oven floor and sides whilst providing passive heat to the bottom oven.

A low mounted heating cassette underneath the bottom oven provides gentle heat to the bottom oven floor and sides.

The tri-element system critically means that the ovens cook evenly. Although the bottom oven benefits from passive heat it is not reliant upon the upper elements and is independently and thermostatically controlled with its own heating cassette. The result of this is that the bottom oven can benefit from both slow cooking and baking temperatures as dictated by the user controls.

eControl Hobs

The eControl patent pending hob design provides for full size 350mm machined steel hobs with significantly improved heat up times. A 2000w boiling plate element and 1500w simmering plate element gets each hob up to temperature fast. A super responsive cooking experience is achieved through smart design of the shielded thermostatic chamber which critically allows the hidden thermostats to read and provide a representative hob surface temperature. These hobs can be switched on and off at will or left on for continuous use. If the user decides to leave the hobs on even in ECO mode for prolonged periods the hobs will conduct heat to the top plate and provide ambient heat into the room.

eControl Grilling

The top right hand oven of an eControl Cooker houses a hidden 1000w element that will be automatically activated when the top oven door is opened and left ajar. This unique feature provides for endless fantastic grilling or last minute browning of dishes!



Consumption will vary with usage and cooking methods

Instaheat hob upgrade will reduce hob running costs significantly

Using WIFI time, ECO mode and turning hobs on/off from cold, will reduce overall consumption

Hobs can be left on when required to maximise ambient heat, however, it is recommended to switch on/off between cooking cycles to maximise efficiency and longevity

All consumption data independently tested and recorded pro-rata over 7 day test period

Appliance insulated to specification using jig density 50mm body soluble folied blanket


eControl Trade & Technical Support


All eControl Systems come with an unreserved 5 year parts warranty and dedicated technical support line to the trade installers. Our team of highly qualified engineers understand our products inside out and can diagnose any issues over the phone in most cases.

PLUS++++++ EXTENDED WARRANTY  (depending on location) from £14.50 per month is now available direct from E-CONTROL to the customer.

The eControl uses high quality world leading German components, coupled with our technical support team we offer unrivalled expertise.