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Simple Ham

Ham and Cocoa Cola

This recipe is great for all Aga owners and especially for Electrikit conversions – (set your oven to simmer at 110 degrees)

Simple Ham – electricKit Aga at 110 degrees


Cook all day – Simple ham

Buy an uncooked Ham joint.   It can be as big or as small (but not too small) as you like.

Remove from the wrapping and  place in a casserole with a tight fitting lid.  Fill the casserole with water from the tap, place on the boiling plate and bring to the boil.

When boiling, remove from the boiling plate and empty the water.  This is to get rid of excess saltiness.

Place the ham joint back in the casserole and  fill the pan with cocoa cola.  Adding cocoa cola will sweeten the ham – this can be sugar free if you wish.

In addition, mix some spice, powdered ginger, slices of orange and lemon.  Throw in a handful of cloves for flavour.

Finally, bring the casserole back up to the boil on the boiling plate and then place in the Simmering oven to cook all day.

When you are ready, remove your saucepan from the simmering oven and drain off the cola and the spices.

The next step is to place your cooked ham in a roasting tray.  Smear it with delicious butter and just roast it quickly for about 15 minutes..  (SET YOUR OVEN TO 180 degrees)  – it will be cooked before you do this, so do not leave it in the oven for too long.

Finally, remove from the oven, leave it to cool and then slice it.  The Ham will be tender and very delicious.  Serve with buttered boiled potatoes, broccoli spears and carrots.

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