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scones, ElectricKit Aga

Scones for Tea 

The following instructions are for a two oven renovated Electrikit Aga

The same applies to a 4 oven renovated Electrikit Aga

Set your digital control to 220 degrees – from 150 degrees (typical winter setting)  the oven will take 45 minutes to reach 220 degrees

You will need

450g/1lb Self-raising flour

2 level tsp baking powder

20g/1.3/4 oz caster sugar

100g/3.1/2 oz butter, softened and cut into pieces

2 free range eggs

some milk (add carefully)


Place the flour, baking powder and sugar into a large mixing bowl and add the butter. Lightly mix into a fine breadcrumb like mixture by rubbing in with your fingers.  Next move is to lift the mixture to introduce air and lightness.  Finally, beat the eggs into a bowl and add milk to make up to 300 ml/10fl.oz – mix to a soft sticky dough.

Next, you need to turn out onto a floured work surface and knead lightly.  Roll out to a rectangle about 2cm thick.  Cut into rounds with a cutter and place onto a prepared baking tray.  Brush the tops with milk or beaten egg

Bake for 15- 20  minutes until well risen. Place the cold plain shelf below the dish to shield some of the heat coming from the element and remove for the last 5 minutes of cooking

Eat with strawberry jam and clotted cream.

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