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Christmas Stollen

stollen for christmas

ElectricKit Aga


Christmas Stollen

You will need:-

225g Strong white flour

7g pkt fast action yeast

50g caster sugar

75g very soft butter

½ tsp grated nutmeg

1 free range egg

5 tblsp milk

Measure the above into a bowl and mix by hand or in a stand mixer with a dough hook until the dough comes together.

Knead by hand on a floured surface for about 10 minutes, until the dough is soft, shiny and smooth…and still slightly wet.

Lightly oil a bowl and place the dough in it, covered with cling film and leave to rise in a warm place for between 1 ½ -2 hours until it has doubled in size…the back of the Aga is perfect for this.


½  tsp vanilla paste

30g flaked almonds

75g soft prunes

75g soft apricots

75g raisins

Zets of one lemon

100g marzipan

Icing sugar to liberally sprinkle before serving

What to do next

Preheat your ElectricKit Aga to 190 degrees

Christmas Stollen


Knock back the dough by hand and then knead in the fruits, nuts and zest until evenly distributed

Next – roll the dough out directly onto non stick parchment or Bake-o-glide to a rough rectangle

Manipulate the marzipan  into a long sausage roughly the same length as the dough.  Place this on one of the long sides of dough.

Roll up like a Swiss roll, sealing the edges together by crimping with your fingers, and then turn it into a snail shape with the crimped edges underneath

Slide the bake-o-glide and stolen onto a baking sheet and cover loosely with cling film

Leave to prove again for the second rising at the back of the Aga or a warm place for about 40 minutes. It should double in size again

Remove the cling film and bake on the second set of runners down from the top with the cold plain shelf beneath your bake for about 20-25 minutes (check after ¼ of an hour) until golden brown and sounding hollow when tapped underneath

Leave to cool and dust liberally with icing sugar

You can freeze this or it keeps well in airtight container in the fridge…so make ahead for Christmas?





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