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Stunning Celebration Cake – good for any celebration

celebration cake 2

You will need:-

Celebration Cake

Use this proportion of ingredients – double or treble up depending how many layers you wish to construct.

4oz Self Raising flour (or plain flour use 1tsp baking powder with plain flour)

4oz Caster Sugar

4 eggs

Wisk the eggs and sugar together in a food mixer until it doubles in size (or trebles- the more volume the better)

Place the flour in a sieve and shake onto the mixture from a height (this is to add as much air as possible to the mixture) cut the flour into the mixture with a metal spoon gently using a figure 8.

When the flour has been mixed cautiously into the eggs and sugar, place the mixture into the cake tin to the top rim so that you achieve a thick cake which can be layered when the mixture is cooked.  When cooked, the cake will slightly leave the sides of the tin.

To create layers, use diminishing sizes of sponge tins with removable bases.  Base line the tins and grease the sides with a little oil.  Make as many layers as you wish and slice them thinly, packing them together with cream mixed with white chocolate.  The cake looks sensational when it is constructed, and really, it couldn’t be easier once you have created the sponges.

Bake the sponge in the AGA.  For a two oven AGA, place the grid shelf on the floor of the Roasting Oven and the Cold shelf two runners down from the top.  Use the baking oven if you are lucky enough to own a three or four oven AGA and cook on the grid shelf on the floor of the oven

I used a 26cm spring form cake tin

Then I used a 23cm spring form cake tin

Then a 20cm spring form cake tin

And I sliced the sponges into halves very carefully.  I started to construct with the whipped cream mixed with melted white chocolate, which makes the whole cake really special to taste.  I bought raspberries, strawberries, blue berries and cherries and added fruit to the middle of each layer, spreading out to the sides.


You will need a lot of double cream.  Whip the cream and when it is thick enough add melted white chocolate to the mixture before you construct the cake.  Decorate with flowers and fruit to achieve a stunning celebration cake.

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