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Apple jelly for sauces and toast!

apple jelly

How to make Apple jelly – you will need

A quantity of apples – cooking or eating, and you can also use crab apples




Clean the outer skin of the apples (you do not need to peel them) and quarter them

Use a Maslin Pan or a large saucepan and add equal parts water to the quantity of apples

Bring to the boil on your AGA boiling plate and simmer until ‘squishy’

pummel them down with a potato masher and add more water if you think it is necessary

set up your bowl with a muslin strainer and start to ladle in the apple mix – it will start to drip through

You need not to press it down too much, you need the juice to be clear.  Leave this overnight if needs be

when you have your juice, boil it to equal parts of sugar – bring it gently to the boil and boil it until it sets on a saucer which has been in your freezer.

The jam should start to set a skin – that is when it is ready.

Sterilize some kilner jars in the simmering oven, funnel the jam through into the jars, set with a wax disc, screw the lid on and store like a squirrel for the winter

Use the jelly on toast, in sauces and with chicken and turkey dishes

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